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While there are zero excuses for hand injuries, there are plenty of success stories too – and we’d like to hear them. Whether you’re a manager or a plant-floor associate, we invite you to share your hand-safety best practices here. You can leave the editing to us.

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The Value of Safety [Infographic]

A nice (but slightly dated) infographic revealing stats on how much safety citations and penalties are costing companies. Full Infographic … read more

America’s Safest Companies Winners

The AES Corporation, Alan Shintani Inc., Aqueos Corporation, BL Harbert International LLC, The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory Inc., and dressbarnwere reveal their safety strategies that helped earn them a spot on the list of 2014 America’s Safest Companies. Full List of the Safest Companies in America… read more

What Is Your Safety Management Style?

Terry L. Mathis, the co-author of “STEPS to Safety Culture Excellence” and founder and CEO of ProAct Safety, discusses different safety management styles and how they impact organizational safety. Safety Management Styles… read more