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While there are zero excuses for hand injuries, there are plenty of success stories too – and we’d like to hear them. Whether you’re a manager or a plant-floor associate, we invite you to share your hand-safety best practices here. You can leave the editing to us.

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Case Studies Demonstrate the Power of Appropriate Hand Protection

Safety gloves reduce the risk of hand injuries by 60 percent to 90 percent, according to various studies and reports. It’s hard to dispute that gloves make workplaces safer. However, EHS managers can maximize the protection that gloves provide—and thereby maximize their investment in PPE—by ensuring that workers have gloves that fit properly and are… read more

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

How the Navy Is Winning the War against Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome

In addition to risking life and limb as they carry out their missions, the brave men and women of the U.S. Navy face a number of more traditional workplace safety hazards – including the risk of hand-arm vibration syndrome. Hand-arm vibration syndrome, or HAVS, is a medical condition caused by chronic exposure to vibration, typically… read more

General Cable Puts Hand-Safety Strategies at Employees’ Fingertips

Metrics don’t lie. So when General Cable Corp.’s metrics indicated that the majority of the incidents at its facilities involved workers’ hands, the wire and cable manufacturer set out to reverse the trend. Several years ago, Highland Heights, Ky.-based General Cable launched a global initiative to raise awareness of hand-safety guidelines and strategies at its… read more