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While there are zero excuses for hand injuries, there are plenty of success stories too – and we’d like to hear them. Whether you’re a manager or a plant-floor associate, we invite you to share your hand-safety best practices here. You can leave the editing to us.

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Manufacturing industry: Prevent hand injuries

Brought to you by JD Supra, LLC: Manufacturing industry leaders are seeing the importance of improved hand safety training and risk reduction in the work place. Read the Full Article Here.… read more

The Cost of a Healthy Workforce

Brought to you by EHS Today: Keeping a business running smoothly isn’t just about hiring the right people. You also need to keep those workers healthy. Failing to do so can be a costly mistake. “The health and safety of the American workforce is vital to the U.S. economy,” said L. Casey Chosewood, director of… read more

When Organizations Outgrow Their Safety Programs

Brought to you by EHS Today: Whether your organization is growing internally or through mergers or acquisitions, shifting direction or simply experiencing the world-wide change of generations, you might be outgrowing your current safety capacity. Read More… read more

Top 10 Workplace Injuries Cost U.S. Business $1 Billion Per Week [Photo Gallery]

The 2014 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index found that the most disabling workplace injuries and illnesses in 2012 amounted to nearly $60 billion in direct U.S. workers’ compensation costs. That’s right: $60 billion in direct costs to U.S. businesses. View the Top 10 Workplace Injuries that Cost U.S. Business $1 Billion Per Week Click here… read more

ROI: A Hazard to Employee Safety?

Brought to you by EHS Today: A familiar and popular business performance metric is ROI – return on investment. For many, this is the keystone of workplace culture, driving business strategy and decisions as well as the behavior of managers and employees. Continue to EHS Today… read more