Breaking Down the Language Barrier to Hand Safety

As National Hispanic American Heritage month — September 15 to October 15 — comes to a close, now is an ideal time to talk about hand injury protection for this particularly vulnerable workforce population. When you look at the numbers, some groups of workers are more likely to suffer on-the-job injuries than others. You may… read more

Finding the Right Gloves Makes an Impact: Four Case Studies

Having the right personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent workplace injuries can require a significant upfront investment for employers. But that investment almost always pays for itself—whether it’s in reduced downtown from injuries, lower turnover, improved brand image, increased efficiency, improved employee morale, or fewer OSHA fines. With benefits like those, PPE is clearly worth… read more

10 Steps to Reduce On-the-Job Hand Injuries Today

If you’ve read a lot about workplace safety culture lately, you’re not alone. It’s a popular topic and a critical component of any workplace safety program. Creating a culture of workplace safety is a long-term strategy to reduce workplace injuries. And I’d most certainly encourage you to work toward one at your company. But there… read more

Why Cut Standards Don’t Cut It

You’ve heard the statistic: 70% of workplace hand and wrist injuries occur when workers are not wearing protective gloves (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). And the remaining 30%? Well, they aren’t wearing adequate gloves—the wrong size, damaged gloves, or gloves that are inappropriate for the hazard present. So the first step in protecting your workforce… read more

Myth Busters: Cut-Resistant Gloves Edition

Protecting your employees from on-the-job hand injuries can seem overwhelming. The plethora of misinformation, myths, and misnomers surrounding personal protective equipment (PPE), and more specifically, cut-resistant gloves certainly exacerbate the issue. In this article, we’ll tap into a number of expert resources on cut-resistant gloves to expose the top myths surrounding hand protection, so you… read more