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Fits Like a Glove: Protecting the Hands of Construction Workers

Protecting the hands of construction workers is not an easy task. They need gloves that fit like a second skin while also offering protection from the sharp edges of building materials. For glove industry researchers, the ongoing challenge remains: How can we better provide “second skin” comfort while ensuring task-specific hand protection? This question is… read more

The Right Gloves For the Task At Hand

Maintenance workers wear many hats and often perform tasks spontaneously, which means they may not be wearing the hand protection they need. Maintenance workers perform many job tasks. For example, a worker might repair a machine before moving on to diagnose an electrical problem. He may work with conveyance systems or heating and air conditioning… read more

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A Cut Above

When it comes to cut-resistant gloves, workers deserve to have it all: safety, comfort, dexterity and more. It sounds so simple: Provide your workers with gloves that will protect their hands from cuts. In reality, however, it’s a little more complicated – those gloves must be comfortable enough to ensure compliance, thin enough to give… read more

cost of hand and wrist injuries

The Cost of Hand and Wrist Injuries

More than 2 million people visited U.S. emergency rooms for symptoms related to the hand and wrist in 2009. Now, researchers in the Netherlands have found that in addition to being pervasive, hand and wrist injuries also are one of the most costly injury types. According to a new study appearing in the Journal of… read more

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Raise Your Hand: Can Doing More With Less and Safety Co-Exist?

Wearing appropriate hand protection can be an easy first step to protecting hands in the construction environment. Like many, the construction industry is asking employees to do more with less. Contractors, in particular, are trying to address safety concerns in the face of a difficult economy and increased government enforcement. Read more.… read more