Our Mission

Hand injuries are a leading cause of lost workdays and emergency-room visits. They can be costly to employers and life-altering for employees.

And, like many injuries, they are largely preventable.

That’s the inspiration for this website as well as for the Dyneema “Zero Excuses” hand-safety campaign, launched in October 2012 by Dyneema DSM and EHS Today magazine.

Through the articles, case studies and discussions on this website, Dyneema’s goals are to raise awareness of:

  • The most common causes of hand injuries.
  • The injury trends and patterns in various industry sectors, demographic groups and job applications.
  • The latest tools and technologies designed to prevent hand injuries.
  • The best practices employed by manufacturers and other organizations to maximize hand safety.

But this site is more than a clearinghouse of information. It’s part of a larger mission to empower safety managers, business owners and employees to make intelligent decisions about their investments in personal protective equipment; to maintain a safety-first mindset whether at work or at home; and to appreciate all of the possibilities at their fingertips.

We encourage you to explore the site; to share your feedback early and often; and most importantly, to put your hands together for hand safety!